Arthur Deighton

Vocals, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki

So there we were, at a record flea market in Paris. We were browsing the merchandise and happened to see a familiar face. Not walking over the flea market, but sitting in a stall, for sale: Arthur Deighton. It was there that we found The Deighton Family Band's brilliantly titled record Acoustic Music To Suit Most Occasions. Recorded in 1988, featuring a very young Arthur Deighton. As it turned out, Arthur was on his first record before Joram had even touched a fiddle.

And it shows. When Arthur plays his mandolin at full speed, it's no more than a blur to the naked eye. He's equally at home on the guitar, playing flatpicking solos the one moment and beautiful folk melodies in open tunings the other. When it comes to instruments, he's often the man of speed 'n grooves, but give him a pen, and he's a totally different dude. This music therapist will move even the the coldest man with original songs such as The Longest Day.

Arthur is also the man in charge of rock & roll poses. It's a pretty job, and he gets to do it. Without him, we'd be nowhere, because he is also the owner and driver of our band van, which is cleverly diguised as a Ford Focus.