Joram Peeters

Vocals, fiddle, viola, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin

Joram was five years old when he started playing the violin. He stopped when he was fifteen, but a year later, the Dropkick Murphys brought him to folk music, and from there back to his fiddle. From that moment on, Joram started developing into a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. His raw vocals make even the bravest microphone tremble with fear, which is probably why we put him in charge of microphones.

Joram is also the our sound nerd, whisky buyer, annoying know-it-all, webmaster, and designer. Yes, getting Joram to focus on one thing is like making Kahlua taste good. Difficult.

His lyrics make clear he has a unique sense of humor. As Lonesome Highway put it: "His talent in composing tunes is again overshadowed [...] the less said about the attempt at humour in his Rather Die Alone, the better!"