Loes van Schaijk

Vocals, upright bass

Double bass on one or two tracks on the Mountain Valley Sessions; that was the plan. And because she was also a singer, she also sang some backing tracks while she was at it. And because the recording went very well, she ended up playing the bass for almost all of the CD. So of course, she joined in for the CD release party. Next stop: joining the band. We never looked back...

For Loes, the love for Americana started with the tapes and books her parents brought home from America. She sang in a number of bands, played piano and wrote a large number of songs, often with an emphasis on harmony vocals. However, it wans't before going to university that she discovered there was such a thing as bluegrass music. She became the lead singer and songwriter for the Slovak/Dutch bluegrass band Waterflow. Later on, she started Lucy & the Man. Both bands have released wonderful CD's. And yet, she always felt there was a void on stage, right in front of her. As it turns out, there had always been a double bass sized hole in her heart.

Her warm and natural vocals can move every audience, and with her vast knowledge of music theory, she's the one who makes sure what everybody plays makes some sort of sense. As bassist, she's the band's heartbeat. And what a beat it is.