Paul van Vlodrop

Banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals

Finding new band members during CD recordings has almost become a Herring tradition. Paul is no exception. When we needed someone to complete our album with some great banjo and mandolin playing, Paul was the obvious man to call. And even better: he decided to stay!

Let's rewind. The teenager Paul grew up in the middle of the Netherlands, where he and his brother Lody spent all their spare time with their trusty 16 rpm record player. It allowed them to play their favorite bluegrass albums a full octave lower and at half the speed, so they could learn all the licks from the bluegrass pioneers.

And what a journey it has been. Now, Paul has shared the stage with artists such as Byron Berline, Vince Gill, and Bill Keith. Aside from being one of the leading bluegrass session musicians in the country, Paul is also a great teacher. Whenever we play bluegrass, Paul keeps us on track, as he has learned to live in this style like no other. But at the end of the day, the teacher is a musician more than anything. His frivolous mandolin playing and tight banjo licks make the Red Herring sound complete.