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Here To Distract You

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Our new album. 

Here To Distract You is a magnificent album with which Red Herring definitivel puts itself on the map as a world class bluegrass/americana/folk band. Fresh, energetic, surprising in the way they play together, magnificent harmony vocals, ironclad songs, and just the right touch of melancholy here and there. Beautiful.
   - Moors Magazine

Music that moves and inspires. 
   - Roots Music Report

Every song sounds original, ironclad, virtuso, and is sung wonderfully beatiful.
   - Popunie

  1. No Hearts Won
  2. Rather Die Alone
  3. Pigs Upon A Ninja
  4. The Beaten Track
  5. Garden Valley
  6. A Loved Man's Lonely Blues
  7. Uphill Climb
  8. Barefoot Nellie
  9. WhatsApp Doc
  10. The Longest Day
  11. Wedding Dress
  12. Two Sisters

With guest appearances by Jeroen Schmohl, Michael Boere, and Floris de Vries.